Parenting Macaw Style

There is a saying about children making the best teachers. Indeed, this is true. At ARA Manzanillo, we have learned the most from our youngest flock member, Pewe, and his family. Thanks to them, we have had the luck and privilege of observing wild (for the most part) macaw parenting i
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Love Is In the Air!                     

Manzanillo de Talamanca de Limón, COSTA RICA Love is in the air for the Great Green Macaws. It is that special time of the year, the season of love. What does that mean? For a Great Green Macaw (Ara Ambiguus), it means that it’s time to find a mate and start a family. That, as we all
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Wild Instincts

WILD INSTINCTS Wildlife reintroduction and rehabilitation is a very tricky and delicate process for any wildlife professional. At The ARA Project, we remain as hands off with the birds as humanly possible if they are going to be reintroduced back into the wild. The only time we interv
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Progress in Manzanillo

Progress in Manzanillo After spending over a decade working with exotic animals and promoting wildlife conservation in the US, I decided to travel in search of wildlife conservation organizations making a direct difference in their own country’s native wildlife. The reality is that ma
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The Rewards of the Walk to Work at Manzanillo

After waking between 4:00 and 5:00 in the morning we hike up three very steep inclines. On the way there are often mosquitos. Throughout the day we may occasionally encounter extremely venomous snakes such as eyelash pit vipers or a fer-de-lance, not to mention the plethora of spiders
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Geraldine and The Jaguar Rescue Centre

On my first day at Manzanillo as the new site manager it was straight into the action. It was meant to be spent getting to know the site, meeting the team but it wasn’t too be. Sam (The Ara Project Director) and I were up early to watch the birds as they came in for their morning feed
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