Meet some of the special macaws at The Ara Project!

Some of our residents have suffered from accidents or neglect before being rescued by The Ara Project, and need a little extra care. Because of their injuries they wouldn’t survive long in the wild and therefore will live at The Ara Project until the end of their lives (which can be a
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A sense of satisfaction

Wow what a whirlwind the last six months has been! I’m about to take time off to go and see some friends getting married back home so this seems the perfect moment to reflect on everything we have achieved at The Ara Project in the last few months. I can certainly say there’s a lot mo
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Birds in Love

Love is in the air at The Ara Project! We’ve had a lot of fun recently playing match-maker for both our Scarlet and Great Green macaws.  Both species are monogamous, or, as I like to say, mostly monogamous; like humans you occasionally get infidelity and divorce!  While we can j
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Six months of adventures at The Ara Project

I’m not sure where to start. My 6 months volunteering at The Ara Project has been.. one WILD ride full of thrills and spills, shrills and hills; an exciting way to put it. To put it in less exciting (but equally important) terms it has been very educational, and eye opening. It has ta
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What’s a drama teacher doing trying to save parrots in Costa Rica?

Hello reader, welcome to The Ara Project’s shiny new blog! My name is Angharad and I’m the site manager at our Punta Islita breeding and release centre. Along with some special guests I’m going to be writing this blog to keep you up to date on our conservation work and share stories o
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Arriving at The Ara Project, Punta Islita, as a volunteer

Landing in San Jose after 17hrs of travel from the UK, my next challenge was to locate the new bus terminal, and catch the 5pm to Estrada. While waiting at the bus station I bumped into Celine Depas, a French vet who was also heading to The Ara Project. We caught the bus together and
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