Blue’s Adventure – Pt 1

Blue’s Adventure – Pt 1 Nyala & Simba are a pair of Scarlet Macaws who permanently live at our breeding and release center, they came to us, like many of our other non-releasable macaws, as confiscated ex-pets, after a law in Costa Rica made it illegal to own native wildlife
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My ARA Journey (Pt1)

My name is Jesus Alberto Mendoza Lopez but people call me Chucho. I’ve lived my whole life in Corozalito which is just 6 kilometers from the Ara Project. Before I came to Ara Project I was working at CREMA which is a research and conservation project working in Corozalito beach. I wor
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Update: April 2017

Ana Macaw (Ara Ana)

Ana Macaw (Ara Ana) It’s a flurry of red feathers and it makes no sense, at least to my eyes. Before me is an aviary with a newly combined flock of Scarlet Macaws and next to me is Ana, The Ara Project’s Bird Manager. We are observing the birds’ interactions, but they look remarkably
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A moment of magic in the jungle

  A moment of magic in the jungle There are only an estimated 400 Great Green Macaws left in Costa Rica and possibly as few as 2000 left in the world. My mission was to capture footage of these endangered parrots during their breeding season, but it was not going to be an easy ta
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Ara’s Flight to Freedom

Great Green Macaw Recovery Plan at WCN Expo

Update on Start of 2017’s Breeding Season

The Joy of Flying Free

The Joy of Flying Free The weeks leading up to the release of thirteen Scarlet Macaws from the Punta Islita site of the Ara Project were some of the busiest the project has recently experienced. Countless hours were spent readying the birds (and ourselves) for this milestone and I was
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Birds, bees & babies Part 2

  As a photographer, I am used to documenting the achievements of other people and following their steps into the field to capture their hard work. I absolutely love doing this because the people I work with are humble and don’t like to make a fuss despite the amazing work that t
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